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Volunteers Make It Happen!

Hopkins Demonstration Forest is a place where people come to learn–it is also a place where people come to work–to learn by doing. Forests Forever, Inc. relies on volunteers to get things done in our forest.

We are proud that many individuals, private businesses and public agencies have come forward to help us carry out our mission of forestry education. In 2009, over 956 volunteers gave more than 3,800 hours of their time to help manage our forest and provide educational programs to our community. We encourage and look forward to this level of support in the coming years.

Group of volunteers working in the forest

Volunteer Opportunities

There are a couple of ways to help at Hopkins. One is to attend our monthly Community Forestry Workday and the other is to volunteer individually to help us accomplish some projects around the forest and our facilities.

  1. Come join us on a Community Forestry Workday! Learn More
  2. Volunteer on Your Own Schedule.

We have many opportunities for you to help care for our forest and maintain the facilities we have out at Hopkins. We often need help for simple projects like blowing off the driveway and patio to washing the windows in Everett Hall.

We need help to maintain our trails by cutting and pruning back the brush, maintaining our vehicles and equipment, painting and staining our signs and buildings, carpentry projects, cleaning gutters, cutting and stacking firewood, and other projects you can do in just a short period of time. We provide all the equipment and supplies for the job.

Volunteer at Your Own Pace

You decide when you are available to help and how long you can work. Volunteers are an important asset at Hopkins and allow us to accomplish projects we otherwise would not be able to get done. For more information about volunteering at Hopkins contact:

Ken Everett, Executive Director, 503-780-2380
Bob Kahl, Facilities Committee, 503-539-6768

Student working on a tree