Belton Outreach Center

As education programs and the public’s use of the Hopkins Demonstration Forest near Beavercreek has grown over the years, the need for a Forestry and Natural Resources Outreach Center near the entrance to the property became a greater priority. Planning for the Center began in 2017. In November 2021 the project launched with ground clearing at the potential building site. Ground-breaking occurred in January 2022. Workers on the Center included contractors and subcontractors—plus a wonderful cadre of volunteers. The Center was mostly completed by March 2023. The public grand opening was held on Sunday, April 2, 2023 READ MORE and attended by more than 75 Forests Forever, Inc. and Hopkins Demonstration Forest supporters.

The Center is designed like a modern residential-style home, utilizing forest products manufactured in our region—as well as, products from trees harvested at Hopkins—and demonstrates the best in an effective use of wood in construction and maximizing energy efficiencies. The Center has two overnight motel-style rooms for visitors—something not available at Hopkins in the past. These accommodations are perfect for teachers, college and university students, researchers and visitors coming from afar to our forest for education events and activities, field work experiences, and research projects.

Final touches to the Belton Outreach Center have been ongoing since April including delivery of overnight room furniture, construction of a very special Conference Room table utilizing an historic elm tree in Oregon City, landscaping, and building a carport. All projects are expected to be completed by the end of 2023. A Dedication Event was held on Sunday, July 9 to formally name the Belton Outreach Center, recognizing the Belton Family from Sandy, their major financial contribution to the Center, the their contributions of husband and father, John Belton, prominent woodland owner in Clackamas County. READ MORE

The new Belton Forestry and Natural Resources Outreach Center represents a critical next step forward for Forests Forever and our goal: to provide greater capacity for growing educational and research programs, plus better on-site management for facilities, and serving the public in our forest.


Last Updated: November 28, 2023

Development Progress

Our Valued Donors

RSG Forest Products, Inc. in two shades of green

The following businesses, organizations, and individuals have made contributions and pledges to the new Forestry and Natural Resources Outreach Center now in the final stages of construction at the Hopkins Demonstration Forest. We truly appreciate this outpouring of support! Last updated: November 27, 2023

Cash Donations and Pledges

RSG Forest Products
Carol, Arthur, and Stephen Belton
Walt and Pat Garvin and Family
Hampton Lumber
Ken and Glenda Everett
Monte and Ilene Waldorf
Weyerhaeuser Company
Elizabeth Howley Waldman
Port Blakely
Integrity Medical Evaluations
Pacific Fibre Products
Starker Forests, Inc.
Shibley Family
Mike and Connie Bondi
Clackamas County Farm Forestry
Mike and Jan Daly
Mike and Cindy Piazza
Cindy Lampa
Pam and Greg Hayden
John Martinson, Jr.
Lyna Low and Frank Wille
Dan Green
Scott Hanson
Ralph and Merry Schmidt
Vohs Family Trust
John and Kathy Matzka
Linda Butts
Catherine Dunlap
Peter and Jennifer Matzka
Bob and Marianne Kahl
Artina Cunning and John Hilsinger
Karin Nealon
The Zenn Family
Diane Kelso and Peter Hoffman
Jeremy and Romalia Shibley
Native Fish Society, Inc.
Jeanne and Jeff Becker
Kevin Lodeen
Lofthus Forestry Services
Loren and Sylvia Bowman
Gregory Cline
Francis and Roberta Everett
Jean McCloskey
Jack and Jean Carter
Elaine Wilcox
Gary Bush
Tom and June Lenihan
Tom and Julie Handy
Tim Dahl
Doug and Stella Shannon
Harmon Family LLC
Bryan O’Byrne
Russ and Kim Minten
Kent and Melanie Hempel
Mike Haasken
Robin Poppino-Kuntz
Richard Schawbauer
Bev Koch

Total for all Cash Donations and Pledges: $451,619

Donated Materials and Supplies
RSG Forest Products (Framing lumber)
Freres Lumber (Plywood)
Forests Forever, Inc. (Western Redcedar Siding)

Total for all Donated Materials and Supplies: $33,246

Grand Totals for all Donations: $484,684