Construction is Almost Complete!

Ground-breaking for the new Forestry and Natural Resources Outreach Center at the Hopkins Demonstration Forests began in January 2022. Now, just over one year later, the 2,400-square-foot multi-purpose building is being prepared for occupancy.

“This has been a pretty amazing project,” said Forests Forever, Inc. Executive Director, Ken Everett. “Our contractors have done a wonderful job and our volunteers have really come through—big time!” According to Everett, the final details for the building include cleaning the building inside and out; moving in and setting up appliances and furniture; installing steps, walkways, and patios; constructing a custom-made conference room table; and landscaping.

One-half of the Center will include a private residence for a new Caretaker who will receive a reduced rent for their work around the Demonstration Forest. The other half of the Center will include two overnight motel-style rooms, a shared office, and a public conference room.

A public dedication and grand opening for the Center is planned for later in the Spring of 2023.

Pouring concrete for new outreach center

Outreach Center is now mostly finished. Still have exterior finish items like steps, walk ways, and patios and to move in all of the interior furnishings.