Our volunteers at Forests Forever and at Hopkins have always been one of the real keys to our success and ability to accomplish so much in the community. It all started with the Hopkins Demonstration Forest was donated to the non-profit, when we appointed the volunteer board, and started the Community Forest Days.

Forests Forever, Inc. and the Hopkins Demonstration Forest have always been supported by an incredible group of wonderful and talented volunteers who help manage facilities, care for the forest, serve in leadership positions, and assist with education programs for youth and adults. In fact, the organization was created by the woodland owner community and Oregon State University Extension as an “all-volunteer” non-profit.
The most recent volunteer contributions by a dedicated team building the Belton Outreach Center have been shared in many stories and events over the past two years. These volunteers continue their work on the final details for the Center at this time. In addition, this team has been working on a number of other projects over the past six months. Examples include a footbridge to serve a new entry portal that is being developed in the lower parking lot area; construction of a reforestation area kiosk in the 2021 clearcut unit along Grouse Hollow Road; construction of a new wood storage shed to be located at Everett Hall; high climbing limb removal for fir trees around buildings and high-use areas; upkeep and maintenance projects at the Lookout Tower, along all hiking trails; cleaning roofs and gutters; and power washing and staining buildings.


Footbridge: A new footbridge being installed during the July Community Forestry Day by Don Chase (operating the tractor) with volunteers Board Members Mike Daly and Bob Kahl assisting.
High Climbing: Jackson Chandler, a professional arborist and tree high climber, donated his time and talents to remove overhanging limbs near buildings and structures. Jackson began volunteering at Hopkins when in eighth grade
Gutters and Roofs: Mike Piazza and Mike Haasken are two of the Mondays with the Mikes volunteer crew. Cleaning roofs and gutters on facilities at Hopkins is a key activity in preparation for winter rains.
Reforestation: Master Builder Pete Wille is our lead volunteer on various construction and facility development activities for Forests Forever. A new kiosk overlooks the clearcut and reforestation area along the Grouse Hollow mainline road and provides shelter for those studying interpretive panels explaining details for this forest management project.


Besides the Community Forest Day the second Saturday of each month, a group of about 6-12 volunteers gather each Monday for facility and forest projects at Hopkins—and occasionally at the Shink Demonstration Forests. Everyone is invited. Work begins at 8:30am. Some volunteers work until Noon. Others until 3:00pm. Come join the fun and camaraderie—while doing important work!